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First off, thank you for choosing SCS Vape to bring you to a healthy and affordable alternative to smoking.  At SCS Vape, we want to be your go-to vape store, not just for your favorite products, but for information too.  Now to help ensure that you have continued success with your brand new vapor and accessories, there are a couple things we would like to inform you of on how to care for your personal Vapor (E-Cig). 




  • Make sure not to let your battery die completely before your first charge.

  • At least once a week, clean out the head of your battery of any juice leakage in the reservoir with a q-tip gently.

  • If your battery blinks rapidly, it means the battery is dead and needs to be recharged.

  • Most Batteries have a click process to turn off and on (3-5 clicks rapidly in succession) 





• We suggest anytime you clean out a tank whether it be a carto tank, or a basic starter tank that you only use a high grain
   unflavored alcohol to clean it out. Water will destroy your coils depending on the location of use. Also, NEVER use Isopropyl
   Alcohol. It can be extremely toxic.


• Whether you have the T3S or a Pro Tank, we suggest changing the coil out every 2-4 weeks. You know when your coil is truly dead
   due to a burning taste to your juice, even after cleaning out your tank.


• For cartomizers, their life generally lasts about a week and need to be changed out frequently. Sometimes with cartomizers and
  even regular coils, you may need to take a couple dry puffs to get the burning flavor out if the coil itself is not damaged.


• Never leave your tank (full set up as well) in the sun or direct heat for long periods of time. This can damage different parts of the
   unit as with any electrical equipment.





• Same as with tanks, you do not want to leave any ejuice out in sunlight or direct heat. The heat will case the juice to thin out and
   leak through your tank. Also it could potentially change the taste of your e-juice.