At SCS Vape, we want to be your go-to vape store, not just for your favorite products, but for information too.  You may have noticed that most vendors have a very restrictive return policy on coil heads, or any replaceable coil, and you might think this is odd or unfair. Our replacement policy is - replacements on coil heads for verifiable DOA only (see below for details).

There are two main reason for this policy.


The first reason for this policy is the unknown.

We do not know what battery, mod or other device you are putting these items on (telling us does not solve this problem). Unregulated PV's, High-end mods, bad batteries, the wrong device, incompatibility, shorts in connectors, poor threading, deeper wells, different types of liquids - all of these can cause a coil head to malfunction, the coil to pop, burn out or otherwise not function properly.

In addition, you can be using an improper voltage or even a high ratio of VG in your liquids which causes some devices not to wick fast enough, burning out your coil faster than you'd like - thick liquids do not wick as well as thinner liquids.  Lower ohms creates a higher heat stress on the coil and a warmer vape (including "burning" taste).  Lower ohms on a high voltage device can kill a coil quickly.  Battery issues can also cause problems, as well as shorting of the coil and things of that nature.

These are not the only causes and having previous coil packs work for you is not an indication that a particular coil pack is bad.

Because we cannot be sure of what you are doing with your items or what has happened, we cannot offer warranties on coils.
If you received a bad coil(s) and it's not your setup then purchasing a new pack will rectify the situation. It's certainly a bummer that some coils did not give you the value you wanted, but our manufacturers put out generally solid items and the chances of it happening again (if it's not your setup) are low.


The second reason for this policy is habitual replacement.

Aside from the reasons above, there is also the potential for us to then be liable for every small inconsistency you may report.  If we replace your coil pack today because they didn't last a long as the last pack, you will ask us to replace your coil pack next week and so on.  So in every instance where you might have had an issue, you might ask us to replace them.  If we were to have an open coil replacement policy you can imagine how this could quickly spiral out of control.  We would then be in the business of selling one coil pack and replacing them indefinitely.


If you feel our policy is not fair, there is a solution, do not buy them here. We are upfront about this policy, it is linked in each coil description. Most vendors have this same policy. 
If you receive more than one poorly performing coil, and it continues to happen with multiple coil packs, the problem is more likely something in your setup rather than the coils. 


Bad coils do happen.


We know this and it's unfortunate.  We wish all coils were perfect, but they are not.  Some will not perform the same.  Some will not last as long, but it is exceeding rare for anyone to get more than one "bad" coil in a pack.  We try to keep the coil prices as low as we can to make up for this potential manufacturing issue.  You should know upfront that bad coils are part of the process.  We have a very open policy on devices, but not coils.


Common reasons coils go bad or fail to perform:

1. High voltages:
I myself have popped several coils on various devices when I started at 6 volts instead of 3.5 for example. High voltages on a coil that cannot handle the heat can and will "pop".  In this instance you may assume the coil is "DOA" or "bad".

2. Chain Vaping:
You can burn a coil out by chain vaping.  These coils are not meant to be fired continuously, all day long, with no break.  Doing so can significantly shorten the life of a coil inside an atomizer.

3. Liquid
A higher VG content in your liquid will make it more viscous and the wick will not saturate quickly enough to envelope the coil and atomize the liquid.  When this happens, the heat builds up and the wicks can burn.  Once a wick burns, the performance of your coil is severely degraded. The type of liquid also matters.  Higher "sugar" content liquid and high heat will cause caramelization on the wick, which has the same affect as burning a wick.  If there is build up on the coil and wick, it will not saturate.

Leaking coils

Leaky coils are usually caused by oring or attachment issues. Check your coil oring.  Make sure the coil is attached finger tight.  Also check to make sure this is not happening on just one particular battery or device, as sometimes inconsistencies of attachment can push a coil up breaking the oring seal and causing a leak.  Try loosening your tank a bit and see if it continues. Leaking can also be caused by very thin liquids or removing the so-called "flavor-wick". There is a lot of misinformation out there about "flavor" wicks. The second wick many coil heads have on top of the coil is not for flavor.  It is there to facilitate wicking the liquid to the coil. Removing this can cause flooding and poor performance of the coil. Do not remove (or add) any wicks from (or to) your coil head. 

Airflow Issues

For Kanger Protank coils in particular, there has been a recent uptick in reports of the coils not producing airflow.  Kanger recently changed their oring materials to combat an earlier issue with coil firing on some popular mods. In some instances, and on some devices, this new material can bunch up a bit when too tight on a mod/device causing a slight blockage.  If this happens to you, loosen the device slightly and it should perform better.  If it does not, consider an adapter or a tank airflow controller.  This is not a defect and can not be fixed with another pack of coils.  Unfortunately, this is how it is now designed and affects a small number of users. Kanger is now only producing this oring for all of their coils.  Another pack will yield the same results, in other words, we are all stuck with this new material.


When do we replace coils?

If you receive a coil pack and you feel they are ALL DOA (a coil is considered DOA if it doesn't fire, and only coils that do not fire are considered DOA) we will help you, but it must come back to be tested - We will not replace any single coils.  We will check to make sure the coils are not popped, overly used, or has build up on the coils.  If it is truly DOA, we will replace it.  We will not warranty a coil that "lasted a day" or "worked for two hours" or "lasted less than the last time" and we will not replace good coils that test and fire here.  If you send back working coils, you will not receive them back or credit towards any others.  We are not crooks.  We will be completely above board on testing.  We are not here to cheat you.

Sending them back may not be cost effective for you, but it's an option. Sending them back is not a guarantee that they will be replaced, but we take returns seriously and we will check them.


However, as with all items to be returned, you must notify us immediately. Not a week later or a month later.  If you have purchased a high number of them and put them in a drawer or on a shelf for later usage you will have voided any DOA warranty on the item.

This entire policy may seem unfair - and on the surface, it is, just a bit - but the alternative is not offering them to you at all. 

Also, as the industry has progressed, the failure rate on any coil head - Cartomizer, Atomizer or Clearomizer - is extremely low, if it works out of the box, it's a working unit.  If it stops 2 hours later, more often than not, it is something in your setup causing the issue.  This isn't always the case and if you run into this on more than one occasion, please contact us and we can discuss what might be happening, but they are not warrantied.

Please note: We purchase only genuine coils from the original manufacturers, we do not buy knockoffs.


We are not here to sell you poorly functioning items, so do not assume this policy means we will not help you or bend it slightly on occasion.  If you are a long time customer and have purchased the same thing over and over and run into an issue, contact us.  If you have purchased once or twice and expect a replacement on a coil, then we are sorry, we cannot replace the item.