The JUUL is not your only option.

JuuL® is owned by Altria, a big tobacco company.  They used questionable tactics to sell and market the JUUL® device that may have lead to the rapid increase of underage users.  Juul® pods are easily tampered with, making it easy for counterfeit pods to be sold on the street.  These counterfeit pods have contributed to the current outbreak of vaping-related illnesses in the U.S.  As a company, SCS Vape has decided to no longer carry
Juul® or Juul® compatible products*.

The Juul® is not your only option.  If you are a Juul® user, we urge you to switch to a different device.  We have many pod systems available to help you stick to your goals.

Ask a SCS Vape Sales Associate for advice on which
pod system would be right for you and your unique needs.

To see the nicotine salt juices we have available at each SCS Vape location, click here.

* SCS Vape, LLC discontinued all Juul® and Juul® compatible products on September 29, 2019.