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The first stop in getting your juice on our shelves.

As you can imagine, we get dozens of calls each week from juice companies wanting to send us samples.  While we appreciate and are flattered by the interest, these calls have started to become a disruption.  To solve this problem, we have set up a process for vendors.


We review samples once every quarter.  It is during this review that we choose one or two new lines to bring into the stores.  This is the only time that we try samples.  As we get samples in, we save them and add them to a list to review at the end of the quarter.  If your juice line is one we are interested in, we will contact you after review for more information.

Just some notes on our e-liquid policies:

• We do not and will not carry any line that has bottles a child could easily mistake for candy.  In other words, no kiddie packaging.  We can not/will not get approval for these lines, no matter how delicious they are.


• We carry a large selection of both 50/50 blends and HVG e-liquids.


• Fruit and candy flavors do the best here.


• We will not pick up “seasonal” flavors.  South Texas is hot.  There are no seasons.  We vape summer flavors all year long.  We have tried the seasonal thing in the past and got stuck with a lot of “holiday” flavors that never sold.


• While some stores cycle out lines, we like to develop long term relationships with our vendors and keep lines for a very long time.


• We are only interested in companies who offer marketing materials for their lines - shirts and hats (for our employees to wear in store), posters and other signage, displays, etc.

• During fourth quarter we are interested in box sets that we can market as gift ideas.


If you would like to send us samples of your juice, please mail them to the address below along with the following information:

VG/PG ratio, flavor profiles, wholesale cost, retail cost and minimum order required.  You must include this information to be considered.  Make sure you also include contact information, preferably an email address and phone number.  Please note that we prefer you send samples in 3mg.


Mail samples to:


ATTN: Vendor Inquiries

7905 N Navarro Suite 210

Victoria, TX 77901


If you want to verify that your samples were received, please email  
Email is the preferred method of communication regarding vendor inquiries at this time.  
Due to traffic in our stores, we do not have time for long phone conversations with vendors.  
Please start with an email and allow us ample time to respond.


Thank you for understanding and we look forward to sampling your juice line and possibly doing business with you in the future.